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Attorney Aggie Raynor on the Need-to-Knows of Human Resource Laws

On October 25th, 2023, Shareholder Aggie Raynor presented at a national seminar on Wisconsin Human Resource Law: What You Need to Know Now put on by the National Business Institute.

Aggie was asked to speak on two topics. She first presented on employee discipline and termination talking about how to evaluate, discipline, and terminate employees without fear of retaliation. Then, her second portion focused on discrimination and harassment, specifically the laws around different forms of discrimination, how to handle complaints, and how to prevent discrimination and harassment.

Broken down further, the topics of her presentation were as follows:

    1. Employee Discipline and Termination
        1. Evaluating Employee Performance While Mitigating Liability
        2. Employee Discipline Plan and Documentation
        3. Legal vs. Illegal Reasons for Terminating an Employee
        4. Disciplining an Employee Without Fearing a Retaliation Claim
    1. Discrimination and Harassment
        1. Title VII and Related State Laws
        2. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Amendments (ADAAA)
        3. Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
        4. Other Laws to Be Aware of: Equal Pay Act (EPA), WARN, GINA, etc.
        5. Handling Complaints/EEOC
        6. Recordkeeping/Retention Considerations
        7. Preventing Discrimination and Harassment
        8. Workers' Compensation Discrimination

The full presentation can be found on the NBI page for Wisconsin Human Resources Law: What You Need to Know Now

Aggie regularly presents on topics such as these and regularly advises clients on compliance, best practices, and risk management surrounding employment law. To contact Aggie, email her at

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